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Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

A Radical Prostatectomy is the surgical procedure performed to remove the prostate, seminal vesicles and sometimes, a sample of lymph nodes. The surgery is the major part of the treatment initiated to cure prostate cancer. In many cases, part of the gland is removed and sometimes the complete removal.

This procedure usually takes 3 to 4 hours and is performed using four different techniques. Retropubic, Laparoscopic, Perineal and Robotic Surgery are the best-known procedures radical prostatectomy. In Delhi, Dr. Ajay Sharma has the great expertise in carrying out the urological surgery with relative ease and composure. Depending upon the health condition, he might also recommend seeking aid from other treatment options.

In India, there are some of the best urological centers that offer affordable treatment with advance technology. One of the most distinguished urologist consultants in India, Dr. Ajay Sharma, has a tremendous experience of 14 years in robotic surgery. He has performed the most complex cases through radical prostatectomy and partial nephrectomy techniques. Today, he has been associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, and solely performing robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Obtaining advance training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 2002, he knows the technicality and complications attached to the surgery. In addition, he was the first few surgeons in India, accomplishing more than 1000 surgeries without any complaints. He then went on to gain training in robotic radical prostatectomy from Institut Mutuliste Montsouris, Paris. Since then, his interest got shifted, and he solely performs this surgery.

Today, he is one of those few urological surgeons in Delhi & India, who has taken radical prostatectomy to another level. The robotic method he performs involves magnified high-definition 3D camera and wristed instruments that are a guiding source of the entire procedure. Each surgery he has performed till now is devoid of scars, cause less trauma as well as ensure faster recovery.

Today, robotic radical prostatectomy is technically high in demand due to great expertise required to perform the surgery. Since, the operation deals with the pelvic area, it carries certain risks and complications. Hence, the doctor suggests it to be the most suitable for a healthy person (under 70 years of age), and the cancer does not appear to get progressed further.

With robotic method, Dr. Sharma has been able to minimize the major risks involved with the surgery. The most complex cases treated with his expert's hands saw the rare cases of bowel injuries. He has also been able to curb the other risks such as blood loss, an adverse reaction to the general anesthesia and infection that are attached with radical prostatectomy.