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Reconstructive Urology

The highly specialized center for reconstructive Urology is aimed at restoring the structure and function of the genitourinary tract. It usually involves the repair of kidney, ureter, bladder and genitals of men and women. Trauma injuries, Obstruction, Blockages, Prostate procedures and sometimes, Childbirth necessitate reconstructive surgery. Traumatic injuries are often associated with pelvic fractures that can happen due to road mishaps or falls, gunshot wounds or straddle injuries. Apart from traumatic urologic injuries, there are numerous other conditions that are treated at our center.

Male Incontinence, Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Ejaculation problems, low Testosterone, chronic testicular pain, Prostate enlargement, Peyronie’s disease, Priapism, Penile cancer, Urethral Strictures, Recto-Urethral Fistula and Radiation injuries are effectively treated by our accomplished surgical team.

For all the above mentioned health conditions, comprehensive range of services are offered at Dr Ajay Sharma clinic in Delhi. The treatment for urological diseases includes replacement of bladders, genital reconstruction, penile implants, sexual dysfunction, urethral surgery, urinary diversion, vasectomy reversal as well as circumcision & Frenulotomy. All these surgeries are performed using minimally invasive techniques and the most latest robotic reconstruction. Even the most complex cases are efficiently performed without facing any technicality of open surgery. Robotic surgery is most commonly performed to remove urinary blockage and restoring the normal functioning without use of artificial implants. This procedure is often called Pyeloplasty and requires specialized knowledge and skills to carry out total and partial reconstructions of the urinary tract. Dr. Ajay Sharma has accumulated great expertise under reconstructive urology. From the past two years, he has performed over 200 Pyeloplasty through robotic surgical technique. The whole procedure does not involve the use of stents, further lowering the rate of morbidity. Apart from that, he is also performing Ureteric re-implantation, VVF Repair and Boari flap repair using robotic approach.

Dr. Ajay is assisted by a team of specialists who are recognized as international leaders in reconstructive urology. He has been able to deliver compassionate and state-of-the-art medical care for the complete management of a wide variety of genitourinary disease. Our physicians have significant experience with the most advanced, effective, and minimally invasive treatments available.

The center of excellence led by Dr. Sharma performs advanced surgical procedures which include the most latest surgical and reconstructive techniques. The team, at our clinic comprises of highly qualified surgeons that are supported by the most advanced medical and imaging equipment as well as the latest Lithotripsy machine for urinary stones.