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What is Laparoscopic Surgery ?

Laparoscopic surgery is what is commonly known as key hole surgery. This is done by special instruments and a video – camera system, where the operation is done by seeing it on a TV screen. It is HD system presently, and provides larger than life picture for precision surgery.

This gives an enlarged view of structures and the operation can be done more cleanly.The surgeon’s hands remain outside, a long cut it not required for accommodating the surgeon’s hands.

Since the cut is small, the pain is minimized to a great extent. The cut sometimes is enlarged only for removal of organ or the part of it, which can be done by few centimeter incision. ( 4 –8 cms only.)

The cut for any open or conventional operation for kidney is about 15 to 25 cms to over a foot in obese person.When repair of some defects is done, i.e. organ is not removed, the largest cut is not more than 1.5 cm.