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Myth : Laparoscopic surgery cannot be performed on very old patients and young children.
Fact  :
Age is no bar. Successful operations have been done on patients as young as 6 months and as old as 90 years.

Myth : In cancer disease, laparoscopic surgery can not remove the whole cancer.
Fact  : Due to magnification, the removal of cancer is more comprehensive. In fact laparoscopic surgery is finding its maximum value in cancer surgery which can be very morbid if done by standard open surgery.

Myth : Open surgery is better because surgeon can see better with his own eyes
Fact  : Laparoscopy provides upto 20 times magnification. Hence the surgeon can identify structures much more clearly for a precise operation without causing bleeding.

Myth : Open surgery is the Gold standard.
Fact  : Today the gold standard in gall bladder, kidney and adrenal gland surgery is laparoscopy. In near future laparoscopic pyeloplasty and prostatectomy are likely to be accepted as gold standard. Laparoscopy has come into being to overcome the shortcomings and disadvantages of open surgery and as improvement over open surgery. Future will see less and less need for doing a big cut surgery.