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Cancer Surgery Treatment

Dr. Ajay Sharma holds great expertise and specialization in the treating prostate and gall bladder and kidney cancer, giving hope to thousands of people with his expert hands on robotic procedure. He has been performing the surgeries- Radical Prostatectomy and Robotic Partial Nephrectomy on a routine basis. With 14 years of rich experience in dealing with the most complicated cases of prostate cancer, Pyeloplasty & kidney removal, he is now being considered as one of the best cancer surgeon in Delhi and India as well.

Prostate and Kidney cancer patients slowly discover its symptoms until it is in the advanced stage. In most cases, the patient dies without being aware of suffering from prostate cancer. It mainly affects older men and often men with a family history of prostate cancer.

Blood in urine or semen, frequent urination, inability to urinate, stiffness in back, hips, upper thighs or pelvis, painful ejaculation and pain or burning during urination are some of its adverse signs that require immediate attention. All these symptoms cannot get treated. However, it might get controlled through numerous treatment options. In such cases, a patient might expect to live for the maximum of five years. Hence, early prevention and diagnosis is advisable to fetch good chances of survival.

Dr. Ajay Sharma has opened the window of hopes with his technologically advanced center of cancer surgical treatment in Delhi. Many technological advances and more efficient cancer treatment options have managed to slow down the growth of the malignant tissues. However, in many cases, surgery is recommended to the patients’ due to symptoms experienced in the advanced or later stages of the cancer. After surgery, the most efficient way to treat prostate cancer has been radiation therapy and drugs usage. While, all this depends on factors such as age, health conditions, PSA levels, and Gleason score, your doctor will discuss the various risks attached to the cancer surgery and the treatment. He might also suggest seeking aid from other treatment options, depending upon the severity of your health condition. Delhi has some of the best doctors who specialize in performing prostate cancer treatment surgery.

Dr. Ajay Sharma is one of the best cancer surgeons in Delhi, having core expertise in Prostate and Kidney cancer treatment with significant expertise in robotic radical prostatectomy. The surgery is aimed at removing the deadly cancerous cells and the tissues surrounding it. Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy is the most advanced technique that allows more precise movements with the surgical tools. Currently working in BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi he solely performs all the complex cases of prostate cancer.